Subscription Form Snippet

16 Oct 2015 4:18 PMLicensee Person

Sample code for a standard subscription form with block controls from the base.css styles. Change the ID=# in action to the ID of the group you wish the form to subscribe the user to.

Sample Code

<h3>Subscribe Now</h3>

<form action="Default.aspx?PageType=MethodView&amp;Collection=Groups&amp;ID=1&amp;Method=SubscribeNewUser" class="block-controls" id="SubscriptionForm" method="post" name="SubscriptionForm" runat="server">

	<label>First Name* <input name="FirstName" required="true" type="text" /></label>

	<label>Last Name* <input name="LastName" required="true" type="text" /></label>

	<label>Email Address* <input name="EmailAddress" required="true" type="text" /></label>

	<label>Please input validation code?* <img alt="" height="33" src="/Default.aspx?PageType=MethodView&amp;Method=GenerateCaptchaImage" width="120" /> <input autocomplete="off" name="FormValidationCode" required="true" type="text" /></label>

	<p><input class="button" name="SubmitButton" type="submit" value="Submit" /></p>