Membership Status Message

15 Oct 2015 5:39 PMLicensee Person

For creating a status message after a user subscribes to a group, create a page with the file name: [group file name].membership.statusmessage (e.g. october-members.membership.statusmessage), [parent group file name].membership.statusmessage (e.g. contacts.memberships.statusmessage), or membership.statusmessage.

The system looks for the current group that the user has subscribed to first, e.g. [group file name].membership.statusmessage. If that does not exist it then looks for it's parent group, repeatedly until there are no more parents, e.g. [parent group file name].membership.statusmessage. The system then just looks for membership.statusmessage.

Sample Code

<h1>Subscription Successful</h1>

<p>Welcome to the October Members group!</p>